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A message to Health & Wellness Professionals:
If Tech Causes You a Crisis of Confidence When Running
Your Business Day to Day
Then you NEED HELP from the most trusted tech experts in the Health & Wellness space.
Let's face it. 
Tech can be TOUGH!
So, how can you be sure you are getting the tech right when it comes to...
  •  Facebook Ads?
  •  Email Marketing?
  •  Sales Funnels?
  •  Your Website?
  •  Online marketing?
Even though the confusion is real right now it DOESN'T NEED TO BE.
We CAN help.
Health & Wellness professionals like you are terrified of the tech to run your online business and programs. 
But at the same time you understand how important it is to your success. 
Having worked with hundreds of Health & Wellness professionals, we knew we had the answer.
You Know The
Old Saying...
Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day.
Teach that person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.
Introducing the
Gain Confidence, Clarity, and Focus About the Tech to Help Grow Your Health & Wellness Business!
Get your Facebook Ads done by the pro's!
We'll teach you the most essential parts of your online business in a supportive, collaborative group setting!
You know that in order for you to succeed you need to be able to promote and market your programs and services through Facebook ads, Email and online Sales Funnels
Getting the tech down is the #1 hurdle that can stop your progress dead in its tracks! 
Mentorship With Benefits
How can you be sure you are getting the tech right when it comes to...
Your Tech Support
Learn from the experts and get your questions answered so you can grow your practice online. It's like having your own personal tech support team.
Grow Your Practice
Discover the essential tech tools you need to be using in your online practice today to maximize your success.
Experience easy to follow tutorials, demonstrations and live Q&A, so you don't have to feel frustrated and alone when it comes to your tech.
Save Time
Your time is precious and is best spent serving your people. Don't waste time implementing systems that are broken or simply don't work.
Gain Clarity
Start focusing on what matters and stop running around in circles.  Once the right tech is in place things start to become much easier.
Membership Perks
Get access to our membership site, which is a one-stop shop for walk-throughs, downloads and tutorials.
Save Money
Setting up the wrong tools for your tech can end up costing you thousands of dollars and, most importantly, wasted time.
Join our private Facebook group and learn from our community of Health & Wellness professionals and tech experts.
“Multiple 6-figure launches with their help...”
When I first met with Elan and Joey I was in a technology bind. I needed immediate help to run all of the different tech platforms and I knew that the learning curve for most other web developers or marketing agencies would take too long.
Not only did they step in like white knights, they became my confidants, my strategy partners and my friends. We've run multiple 6-figure launches together, created membership sites, run FB ads and ZigiMedia has created endless funnels for me without me ever having to worry about whether it would get done right... I just knew that it would. I know they have my back.

The icing on the cake is that in the first year I brought them on to help me, my revenue increased by $450,000!

ZigiMedia helped me cross the 7-figure mark with ease because they know online marketing, strategy and tech — they are a triple threat. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without their expertise." 
The only thing stopping you from building a successful online business is implementing the right systems.
The problem?
There are too many choices, options, and features to choose from. 
Never mind being able to use them to market your business.
It is downright overwhelming, time-consuming, and with a steep learning curve — correct?
We’ve implemented marketing systems time and time again with client after client
...and we’re pretty damn proud of the results we get for people like yourself. Now it's your turn.
Here's what you get:
Tech Recipes
We call these our tech recipes because they are step-by-step tech guides and videos for:
  •  Getting your business started
  •  Setting up a website
  •  Creating your Lead Magnet
  •  Running a webinar
  • And many more. 
They include your ingredients (the tools you need to use) and the instructions for cooking your recipe.
Private Facebook Community
The BEST part of the Tech Mentorship is that you have access to the ZigiMedia team of tech wizards and private Facebook community to help you get unstuck. 
Let’s put it this way, we are THERE for you until you complete your task and we are THERE for you when you need us next time.
If you get stuck on a tech issue longer than 15 minutes, ask us for help. Our team of experts regularly monitor this group with specialists in web design, email marketing and automation, funnel design, Facebook Advertising, Payment integration and any other tech obstacles that stand in your way. 
Tech Tutorial Library
Our video tutorial library has countless easy to follow step-by-step tutorials to help you understand the tools and get unstuck with your tech.
  •  Past recordings organized with video notes
  •  Platform training
  •  PDF guides 
  •  Video walkthroughs
We cover a variety of platforms such as Facebook, ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, Stripe, Canva, WordPress and many more!
Weekly Live Tech Training
Each week we dive deep into the most essential tech aspects for your business. This ensures that we keep our finger on the pulse of your needs.
As an additional time saving measure, trainings are time stamped and marked so you don’t have to search for your answer when watching the replay. Get your questions answered lived or request a topic at anytime.
Monthly Tech Treats
Access to professionally designed Done-For-You tech templates that will save you time, money and stress to getting it all set up. Every month get access to:
  •  Canva Design Template Pack
  • Active Campaign Email Template & Optin Follow Up Automation
  • ClickFunnels Lead WordPress Website Template
  • Lead Magnet, Thank You Page and Sales Page Templates
  • Facebook Ad Templates
  • Professionally Designed WordPress Website Template  
  •  Much more...
These tech treats alone coast thousands and we’ve included them and every month adding new ones inside the Tech Mentorship.
When you get started with the annual plan, get a free professionally designed WordPress website template to launch your online practice fast. We even teach you step by steps instructions to get it up and running. 


  • Access to our Tech Mentorship Members Area
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Tech Recipes
  • Tech Tutorial Library
  • Weekly Live Tech Training
  • Monthly Tech Treats
  • BONUS: Professionally Designed WordPress Website Template

  • Access to our Tech Mentorship Members Area
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Tech Recipes
  • Tech Tutorial Library
  • Weekly Live Tech Training
  • Monthly Tech Treats
  • INSTANT ACCESS: Professionally Designed WordPress Website Template
"The Tech Mentorship program is the BEST money I've spent this year!"
"You can be a fantastic coach and have really valuable material for your potential clients, but if you can’t get it out there for them to see it, you don’t have a business. 

The Tech Mentorship program has helped me troubleshoot so many different tech issues fast! They break things down so easy that even a total newbie can do it and the value they give in their Facebook group is priceless! 

The Tech Mentorship program is the BEST money I've spent this year!"
These marketing systems are essential to the growth of your Health & Wellness business.
Love it or hate it, you’re going to have to learn them.
Once you master them, you WILL love the results they bring your business.
This is for you if you want to:
  •  Automate your Emails to generate sales
  •  Turn potential leads into paying customers 
  •  Never waste money on Facebook Ads  
  •  Learn essential WordPress skills that will allow you to keep your website up to date by yourself 
  •  Tweak and Split Test your Sales Funnel on your own 
Successful entrepreneurs (like you) realize the best investment you can make for your business is in yourself.
In such a rapidly changing industry as digital marketing, you simply HAVE to be certain your systems are up to date and relevant, otherwise your competition will pull away and customers go to the next convincing offer.  
The Health & Wellness Tech Mentorship Program ensures you’re up to date with ALL the latest research, marketing hacks, and best industry practices for optimizing your sales funnels.
We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.
All we’re asking you to do is tune in for the bi-weekly calls, listen to the advice we give you, and then implement it into your own business to skyrocket conversions.
It’s an investment with a CLEAR ROI.
That’s why we’re limiting spaces to the secret Facebook Group for the first batch of registrants.
We are committed to ensuring the quality of this program remains 5 Stars* and beneficial to your business, so we won’t keep availability open forever, especially at this ridiculously low price.
If you’re serious about figuring out this marketing technology once and for all...
Register today and focus on getting the ROI your business deserves today, not tomorrow.
It’s time to achieve results your business truly deserves. Let’s figure this technology stuff out together, once and for all.
Frequently Asked Questions
What topics will I learn?
The Tech Mentorship training covers all the topics you need to build and grow your business. The topics include setting up your website, implementing your online sales funnel, email marketing, setting up your program launches, creating challenges and so much more!
Can I ask questions and get specific answers to my tech roadblocks?
Absolutely! This is exactly why we have created the Tech Mentorship to get you unstuck whenever your tech is not playing nice. You can ask your questions anytime in the Facebook Group or on the live call.
What if I miss the live training?
All live training's are recorded and archived in our secure Mentorship Members Area. Replays are typically posted within 24 hours of broadcast. You'll have unlimited access to these valuable training videos.
Do you cover all tech tools or promote only certain ones?
We help you with whatever tech tools you have in place. If we don’t have a tutorial in our Tech Tutorial Library, the Facebook group is the best place to ask how to do anything with the tech tool you are using. 
Can my VA or staff get access to the Tech Mentorship?
Yes! You can invite your staff or VA to benefit from the Tech Mentorship to make your Health & Wellness practice self sufficient.
Can I cancel anytime?
If for whatever reason you want to cancel your Tech Mentorship subscription, simply email our support team and we will promptly cancel your account without headaches or problems.  
Still Have Questions?
Learn more about how the Tech Mentorship for Health & Wellness professionals can help you grow your business!
“Shoutout to ZigiMedia for literally being my online entrepreneurial life savers.”
"Thank you for going above and beyond each and every time. Knowing that I can rely on you for the smallest questions or largest “SOS my website is down” panic is priceless. What I value the most is how you actually know and understand online marketing and you’re all in when it comes to strategy and execution.

Not having to worry about tech is HUGE. I can not thank you enough. If anyone is thinking about working with ZigiMedia and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with tech…. DO NOT HESITATE. They will save you a ton of time and money and fast track you to getting it done while knowing you’re working with people who CARE! PRICELESS!"
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If Tech Causes a Crisis of Confidence When Running Your Business Day to Day...
You NEED HELP nailing down the essential tech elements that will make things effortless and automatic.
You see other coaches growing their lists, building their tribe and launching their programs as it finally clicks. 
It’s a giant pie they’re all eating from, but it’s also one YOU TOO are entitled to take a slice out of, if you know how to.
All the pieces are in place and they are able to operate in their
zone of genius.